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The North Sea coast of the peninsula is characterized by the natural surroundings of the woods, dunes, polder landscape, beach and the sea. Although most of the area borders one another, the differences in flora and fauna are startling.
Many different varieties of birds can be seen on and around the beach. The North Sea tide creates tiny puddles of water between the sand banks where little fishes and crabs for example can be found, providing an ideal source of food for the birds. It can be fascinating to watch the seagulls trying to fly above the enormous waves during a storm.
  ‘De Putten’, the bird reserve, can be found between Petten and Camperduin behind the Hondsbossche seawall. The area between the dikes is filled with ground water that comes from the mixture of rainwater and the salty seawater that has seeped under the dikes, making it ideal for little crabs and prawns that in turn are a source of food for the many species of birds. Access to the area is not permitted but one can study the birds from the dikes or surrounding cycle paths which has become an important breeding ground for the birds, many of which come to rest and eat during their migration to the north and south of Europe.