Our names are Peter and Ingrid GŲppel, we live in a small town called Neer in the southern province of the Netherlands. We both were born and raised with dogs, Peter with Poodles and at our family my parents had Boxers for over 30 years. I already fell in love with the Bull TerriŽr at a young age, It was a bit of a disappointment that not everyone was charmed by the looks and characters of Bull TerriŽrs, especially my parents ! But when we got our own place to live we could choose our favorite dog breed. We started of with a Boxer who died of old age . At that time Peter did thriathlon and had to make a lot of training hours. Not the most interesting hobby for a Bull TerriŽr, so our first American Staffordshire TerriŽr came into our home. They worked out together and because the training did well Peter entered for the New York Marathon. In 1990 we visited the USA for the first time. Stunned by the people, different cultures. 

We were sure that we would come back. In that same year, we got a present from an Am. Staff. breeder from Germany. He knew of my wish to own a Bull TerriŽr ,and Cally von Loro's Bullystar came into our home. She was a Miniature Bull TerriŽr, I was not aware of the small version but loved her immediatly.It was a very small world that was involved with mini's, in the Netherlands at that time we had a population of 7 mini's. A famous standard Bull TerriŽr breeder ( Lotte Frank " Hildrikhuisen kennel" ) who had an import mini male stimulated me to start breeding with her, Zedbees Zulu was the first male who had the honor to mate in our kennel. Our first champion bitch was born "Bubbles". She was raised the first 1 1/2 years of her live by Jacob Bouma ( famous Polytelis kennel ). He produced his first mini litter with her what became his last litter , 3 month after the puppy's where born Jacob died. So Bubbles and her puppy "Polytelis Sweet Six "came back and both females were the foundation of our kennel.

On one of our visitis to the USA we drove through Florida and had to find a kennel name that suited us.We were overwhelmed by the natural habitat in Florida and Lake Okeechobee's catched our attention. Our kennel name was a fact. Since 1991 we are a registered kennel and breeder of Miniature Bull TerriŽrs.


Cally von Loro's Bullystar                                                                         Polytelis Sweet Six & Int.Nl ch.Bubbles